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My first post

Here are some avatars/buddy icons (mostly of bands) is not required but would be nice.




(<--frames provided by closing__time)


 (<--frames provided by trashxprincess) 

buddy icons


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hey those are awesome. i took the brand new one. it's cool. <33
Thank you. I love br& new :)~
omg me too. lol. their one of my favorite bands!
Where do people get those pictures of the doll-cartoon girls?
they're paintings by the artist Mark Ryden, he does art for the bands scarling and jack off jill.
um..took all the cure ones! woOT!


February 1 2005, 23:46:42 UTC 12 years ago

i had to put me under anonymous i don't have a live journal, but these are all really awesome you did a great job... i love the cure ones...try making some blood flowers though...thanx! (asphyxiationriot)