G o t t a . H a v e . F a i t h (slvr_star) wrote in shortbread,
G o t t a . H a v e . F a i t h

Icon request please!

Hi, I was wondering if you could make me a lj user pic icon.
Size: 100 x 100
[x] small text with a little heart at the bottom right hand corner and then the name Krissy... can it be blinking white - maybe 1 that doesn't blink?
[x] I'd like the pictures to be in a light purple color... i know the color code is #9966CC, or if you can another that's the color of my necklace in the last pic (turquoise-ish)
[x] with a black border
[x] can the pictures change slowly, almost fading into eachother?
[x] here are the pictures...

Thanks in advacnce! I hope it's not too much of a trouble :o)
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