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I have 2 requests!!  I will be forever grateful for whoever makes these icon's for me!!

#1.   I want this picture to say :  Now I know what love is.    I just don't want to lose a lot of the picture.  Probably black words, with love in red, like above, but I guess I leave that up to whoever makes this one, because I guess it'll have to be a color that looks good.  And I want it to have static lines like this: .  Then, In one of the corners, I want 12/8/02.  Just be creative--that's all I ask.


#2.   I want this one to say : And I looked to the sky and saw fireworks.  And I want the words to be fade in and out like this:.  (not necessarily diagonally like this one...)  This color (or similar): #CC6699  I really leave the creativity up to whomever wants to do this one.


Thanks a bunches!  I WILL credit!

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