slackerbitch (firephoenix13) wrote in shortbread,

OK I'm so sorry but this ones tricky and I don't know if anyone can even do it, but if you can I will be forever greatful. On the Story of the Year video for "Anthem of our dying day"...the guitarest (sp) does this wicked spin kick with his guitar. So I was wondering if someone could make me a moving icon where he does that (I don't know how to make moving icons nor get the image from a video). With the words in between the image saying "here I am pouring my heart onto these rooftops"...if this can't ever be done just say so..thanks soooooooo much!

Icon Size= 100x100

Base from= (or anywhere else you can find the video)

Icon Text= "here I am pouring my heart onto these rooftops"
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