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shortbread's Journal

Icons + blinkies
Posting Access:
Anybody , Moderated

Hey guys, this is a community for icon and blinkie requests.


Try to be specific about what you want.
Just colors isn't going to do.
Atleast give an example or have a good explaination.

**Always come with an idea in mind.

PLEASE do not steal other peoples icons/blinkies.
IF you do change it in some way, give credit to the designer.

If you request an icon/blinkie from this community,
give credit to the designer also.

TWO requests per week, per person.
If we find out you go on multiple user names and ask,
you will no longer be able to make a request.

We will not make requests that have been
posted onto other peoples comments/posts.

We are not obligated to make all requests made.
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